National Smile Month competitions

on 30th May 2019

Between 13 May and 13 June, National Smile Month is championing the importance of good oral health. The charity campaign, organised by the Oral Health Foundation, is looking to promote the value of a healthy smile while sharing positive messages around toothbrushing, a healthy diet and visiting the dentist.

National Smile Month is an opportunity to learn more about our oral health and how we can adopt simple habits to improve it. But the campaign isn’t just about education and understanding the value of a healthy smile… It’s also about having fun while doing it.

The Oral Health Foundation is running three amazing competitions throughout National Smile Month. The winners all receive fantastic prizes, but more importantly, it’s an enjoyable and relaxed route into helping others learn more about their oral health.

1. Share a smile

The first competition, Share a Smile, is brand new for this year’s campaign and it sees the Oral Health Foundation teaming up with Buddies.

Share a Smile is all about engaging young people about the importance of a healthy mouth. It’s the perfect activity for nursery- and school-aged children, to do at with teachers at school and with parents and guardians at home.

Completing the entry is the perfect opportunity to teach young children about the importance oral health and hygiene, and how they can achieve a healthy smile. There are three activities for children to take part in:

Fill in a colouring sheet (for ages 0-4)

Write a poem (for ages 5+)

Draw or paint a poster (for ages 12+).

Lots of prizes are available for individual winners and classes. For all the details and downloadable materials, visit  

2. Nominate a smile

The second competition – Nominate a Smile – gives you the opportunity to give someone special in your life the recognition they deserve. Each week of National Smile Month, the Oral Health Foundation will pick one person to receive a special prize.

Nominating is easy. All you have to do is send the Oral Health Foundation a picture of your nominee, along with a brief description of what makes them so special to you. The only requirement for the picture you send with your nomination is that the nominee needs to be smiling! For more details, head over to

3. #Mysmileyselfie

The Oral Health Foundation’s third and final competition is #Mysmileyselfie. This is arguably the easiest competition to get involved in. All you need is a ‘smiley’, a camera and an internet connection. 

Grab a smiley, take a photograph and then post it to your social media account using #Mysmileyselfie.  When you post your selfie, make sure to write an oral health message or tip alongside the photo – there are some written on the back of the smiley.

The smiley is a great way to take a fun photo, while also spreading positive oral health messages. You can enter by yourself, or as a group.

Use the opportunity to get creative with the background or the pose, there’s no restrictions and the more creative the better! At the end of the campaign, the Oral Health Foundation will be picking its top three #Mysmileyselfie entries to win four tickets to a local comedy show.

Dr Nigel Carter OBE, chief executive of the Oral Health Foundation, is full of hope when it comes to this year’s National Smile Month campaign. He said: ‘The number of oral health events and activities taking place throughout the UK will have a tremendous impact on how much we understand about the importance of a clean and healthy mouth.

‘The competitions we’re running as part of National Smile Month will allow people of all ages to get enthusiastic about oral health.

‘We’re hoping that by the end of National Smile Month, more people will feel better informed when it comes to looking after their teeth and mouth. Ultimately, that’s what National Smile Month is all about.’ 

For more information about National Smile Month and how to support the campaign, visit

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