Recycling scheme introduced for interdental brushes

on 8th July 2019

Tepe, a leading manufacturer of interdental brushes, has partnered with Cannon Hygiene Ltd to introduce a pilot recycling scheme for interdental brushes. The Tepe Environmental Recycling Initiative (TERI) is the UK’s first pilot recycling solution for interdental brushes.

As part of this scheme, used interdental brushes can be returned to the dental practice for recycling. The initiative marks a step change in the current disposal process, as it is not yet possible to recycle materials or products that are composed of more than one element in the UK. However, dental practices already have a solution in place to dispose of sharps and contaminated waste.

The TERI scheme will therefore utilise the existing system to dispose of interdental brushes in practice. This waste will then be incinerated to generate energy for heating and bottom ash for road and car park surfacing.

There will be no cost incurred by the dental practices taking part in the scheme. Tepe is simply calling on participating practices to ensure the disposal bin is placed in a prominent location to encourage patients and staff to make use of this facility.

For more information on the Tepe Environmental Recycling Initiative or to get involved, call 01749 608800, email or visit

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